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Achieving Success

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something. Morihei Ueshiba

The above quote captures the essense of so many quotes through history from successful people who experienced numerous failures on the road to success.  Still we often fear it: Failure is humbling, it can be humiliating, it hurts our ego and consequently it makes us stronger.  We must not be afraid of failure though, it’s only really the same thing as learning.  When we fail at something we anaylse, we take stock and think “how would I do things differently next time?”  The chance of success increases as we learn what works and what doesn’t.  Another way of increasing the chances of success are persistence and working hard.  Nothing worth getting is going to be easy, and the struggles along the way will make that success all the more sweet.

If you feel you lack a certain quality or feeling and this is causing you to fail in some way or feel inadequate then it is time to address it to improve it.  Self improvement is an essential part of achieving success and to get where you want to be.


Hypnosis can help your career

It’s a very competitive world and to succeed in your career you need to do everything reasonably possible to increase your chances of success.  You need personal confidence, social confidence, the ability to give presentations, to talk confidently in meetings and with senior managers.  You need motivation and good health, stress control, imagination, creativity and the ability to learn quickly.  Imagine if you improved in three of those areas by just 10%, what difference would it make to your happiness, productivity, ambition and drive.

Our most popular self-improvement hypnosis downloads:

  • The Power
  • Socially Fearless
  • Charisma
  • Career confidence
  • Be the leader
  • Public speaking
  • Interview confidence

 Hypnosis and learning

Do you want to learn faster and remember what you learn?  Perhaps you are looking to overcome anxiety which may be hindering your success in tests, exams or assessments.  Reducing  fear and anxiety can remove mental blocks and increase success.  Hypnosis can also help you to become more focused and organised about studying

 Study and Exam Improvement

Improve your studying ability, your motivation to study and establish a beneficial habit pattern that puts you in control.  Say up to date with all you need to do, know and understand.  Learn to time manage and prioritize effectively.  You can learn more efficiently, learn faster and crucially, you can remember what you have learned.  As well as this, hypnosis can help motivate you and give you the determination, confidence and desire for success.

You can use hypnosis to help you find it easy, enjoyable and fulfilling to study and to make it easier to remember what you have learned.  So that you will become clear and focused on what you are doing, so that you know your subject, you know it very well because your capacity to learn and absorb information in detail improves.


If you have an exam to take and are worried nerves might get the better of you, hypnosis can help to get you calm, focused and prepared.  With hypnotherapy your nerves can be eased, confidence and relaxation instilled and your ability to focus and remember what you have learned can be enhanced. Taking exams need not be a terrifying experience, but you can be relaxed and at ease.  This applies to any exam whether its ‘A’ levels, whether its a driving test, you do not have to go through it with an uncomfortable level of anxiety that damages your performance.

Hypnosis and creativity

Creative types make the best hypnosis subjects, and hypnosis can also help you enhance the creative aspect of yourself.  We have hypnosis downloads (and CD) for guitar playing, creative writing, acting, lucid dreaming and much more

Hypnosis for Business Success

Hypnotherapy can improve performance in many areas of business, such as:

Improving sales performance
Inter-personal relations & social confidence
Motivation and performance
Business & Sales skills
Presentation confidence
Speech-making confidence and flow
Talking Confidently in meetings
Get the Promotion
Interview nerves
Operating at full potential
Sales skills – Confidence in approach, expectation on closing
Coping with difficult colleagues
Get that Job