Meditation, Mindfulness and Hypnosis CDs

We have over 400 different  CDs to choose from, so whether you are looking for a hypnosis CD for anxiety or a hypnosis CD for sleep, perhaps you need a CD for panic and anxiety attacks, or even a CD to help you overcome a fear of birds, whatever you need you are sure to find something to suit you in our vast range.

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Hypnosis CDs do they work?

Some will ask does hypnosis work?  The simple answer to this is yes, but not for everyone and not a hundred percent of the time.  It is true that some people are more receptive than others, in general, people who have a good imagination and are creative and quite relaxed make the best hypnosis subjects.   Conversely, analytical, logical minded people (like accountants) especially if they are tense or anxious, tend to make the worst hypnosis subjects.  However, even the most analytical and tense person can go into a hypnotic state, it just sometimes takes a few attempts at using a hypnotherapy CD.

Getting started with hypnosis

You may have used hypnosis before and know what to expect, but just in case you have not, here are a couple of points to help you get the most from your hypnosis session.

1. To get the maximum benefit from self-hypnosis, you ideally need to listen to it on a regular basis to get the changes you are looking for.  Some will see a positive effect quickly, but for others, it takes a little longer, do persevere.

2. There are different stages and types of hypnotic trance. Try not to get too concerned about how easily you are going into hypnosis. Just let it happen. Remember, you are allowing it to happen. You can go as deeply relaxed as you choose to. You are in control, and if you
needed to stop for any reason, you could do so.

Three levels of trance

In a light hypnotic trance, you feel nicely relaxed as you listen, but you will hear everything that is said on the hypnosis CD.  You can get great results in a light trance, just as much as in a deeper trance.

In a medium hypnosis trance, you may miss parts of the session. You may realise this if the recording seems disjointed or the next time you listen to it, you notice elements that you have not noticed before.
This is perfectly natural, and this is a great trance state to be in.  You can get great results in this type of trance.

In a deep hypnotic trance, you are very relaxed and may remember little of what was said. It may feel like only a few minutes have passed when in reality it was much longer.  You may feel as if you have been asleep, yet you hear the wake-up count at the end. You may not have been asleep. Instead, you may have been in deep hypnosis. You are really letting go in this level of trance. This is an excellent trance state to be in for any anxiety or stress related issues. For any purpose though, this level of trance can bring great results.

In conclusion, for most people, a mix of different levels of hypnosis will happen according to how you feel that day, what is going on around you and what is on your mind.  Relax and go with it.

When & where to listen to your self-hypnosis CD or MP3

Many people like to listen to self-hypnosis sessions at night before going to sleep. You can, however, listen at any time of day that suits you. You can listen with headphones or through speakers. All you need is half an hour when you will not be disturbed, so do ensure you will not be disturbed by the phone.  Also, ensure that you will be comfortable. You can lie down or sit up, whichever you prefer, but do make sure you are warm enough.  Most importantly, do not listen
when driving or doing anything that requires concentration or alertness.

What happens on the hypnosis recording?

When you listen to my self-hypnosis recordings, there is a short introduction during which you can make yourself comfortable. The session begins and you close your eyes and allow the instructions
on the recording to gently guide you into a state of relaxation. As mentioned before, do not worry about what level of relaxation you are or are not reaching. Just let it happen. As you allow
yourself to relax, your subconscious mind hears the positive affirmations on the recording which allows positive change to begin to happen.  This process of relaxing and letting go happens only if
you allow it to happen and you will only relax as deeply as you feel comfortable because you are in control. Follow the verbal instructions and relax as much as you want to. The next part of the
process focuses on the subject matter of the hypnosis session.

Advanced hypnosis techniques, visualizations and metaphors are used to help your subconscious mind make the changes you want to make. The content of these sessions is carefully designed to help you bring about the positive changes that you want.