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How to meditate

It can be difficult to begin practising meditation, but it is worth persevering.  If you have used hypnosis before and went into a trance easily, you will probably take to meditation very easily.

If you intend to begin practising meditation without using a recording, then the best way to proceed is to practice at the same time each day (first thing in the morning is a favourite time for many) and focusing on the breath is a good starting point.  Persevering with the practice each day helps to train the mind.  Begin with just a few minutes each session and build up.  It is fine if your mind wanders, you just notice it and bring your focus back.

Meditation CDs or downloads – MP3s

If you prefer a guided meditation then using a recording is the way to go.  Our meditation range is growing, and new titles are being added.  To stay posted on our new products as we launch them, follow us on Facebook (link is at the bottom of the web page)