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Noise Sensitivity, Misophonia Self Hypnosis Download or CD No. 10


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Self Hypnosis for Noise Sensitive & Misophonia

One way you can help to ease your noise sensitivity is by reducing stress. Because this helps you to stop constantly listening for sounds.  This hypnosis focuses on the stress and anxiety aspect of noise sensitivity. Specifically it helps reduce anxious feelings so you are less easily triggered.  Of course, misophonia and sensitivity to noise are worsened the more stressed or anxious you are. Consequently, reducing anxiety and encouraging calm thoughts really helps on the whole for most people.

Another aspect of noise sensitivity that this hypnosis addresses, is the habit of listening for sounds. As well as the inevitable over-sensitivity this creates. Self hypnosis is wonderful for breaking habits, so it can have a very positive effect.  This hypnosis is available as an MP3 Download or Audio CD.

Noise Sensitivity Hypnosis- How it Works

The self hypnosis helps you to achieve deep physical relaxation and inner calm. With practice this calmness and tranquility becomes the new normal for you.  In addition to stress reduction and relaxation, the hypnosis can change habit reactions.  Through influencing the subconscious mind with positive suggestions, these unhelpful reactions can be changed into more beneficial ones. Thus where you used to listen for sounds, in contrast you now focus on other things.  Further, if you do notice a sound, you distract yourself much more easily than before.

Or course, to gain the full effects takes perseverance. So, ideally do try to listen to the hypnosis each day or night for 3 to 4 weeks.  Importantly this will help to to allow the post hypnotic suggestions to take effect.  Consequently as this occurs, you will find that you feel calm. So too with practice you will not listen for sounds nearly so much. Hence in addition to this, you will be less easily triggered.

If you have any questions, especially if you have not used hypnotherapy before, then please read the user guide which you can download free at

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This hypnosis is specifically designed for the stress and habit aspects of noise sensitivity. It will NOT help with noise sensitivity issues connected with speech and the sound of certain consonants like p, s, or t. Please consult with your doctor if you have been diagnosed with hyperacusis or misophonia before embarking on self-treatment.

Do not use while driving, operating machinery or doing anything that requires your concentration. If you have a medical condition, such as schizophrenia or a heart condition, certainly check with your physician before use.


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