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Astral Projection, How to Achieve it

This Astral Projection Hypnosis is designed to help you to successfully astral project. One of the difficulties many people have when trying to astral project is that they tend to instantly snap back into the physical body as soon as they realize they have successfully stepped out of it.  This is a natural reaction but can be quite frustrating.  This hypnosis aims to help you get out and back into your body in your astral form.  Therefore, clearly this self hypnosis is primarily designed for astral projection for beginners. However even if you have had lots of astral projection experiences without any problem. Sometimes a difficulty staying in the astral form for more than a few seconds or minutes can develop. Using hypnosis can help you to stay calm and collected at this delicate point of the process. Consequently you will be able to enjoy the experience for longer.

Astral Projection How to Benefit from this Hypnosis

This self hypnosis MP3 download or audio CD can help you to develop your skill at the exit and enter processes of AP. It does not guide you anywhere or influence your experiences.  It only aids the process of leaving your body in the astral form, looking and seeing that you have done so, and returning to your body again. The more you listen to the hypnosis the more of an effect you will get. Listen to it each day for about 3 weeks. When you get your result you can stop using the hypnosis and enjoy your astral projection experiences.


Astral projection Tips

Do not try astral projection if you are in a negative state of mind, anxious or stressed. Do not use attempt astral projection if you have any fear or reservations about it. Research astral projection thoroughly before experimenting with it.  Do not expect instant results, it takes time. You may also be interested in our Lucid Dreaming hypnosis.  Similar to this product, it helps you become proficient in awareness of being in the lucid state and able to maintain it for longer.


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This product is NOT designed for information gathering, or fact verification.  It is for fun, an exercise in your imagination. We take no responsibility for negative experiences, as that is down to your own imagination. Do not use while driving, operating machinery or doing anything that requires your concentration. If you have a medical condition such as a heart condition consult your Doctor before use. If you  have a mental health problem or disorder such as schizophrenia, certainly check with your physician before using.


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