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Stop Drinking Alcohol Hypnosis

Do you need to stop drinking alcohol? Perhaps you have decided enough is enough and you want to take control, stop drinking and get healthy?  Maybe you tried to cut down in the past and found it difficult to control.  Sometimes to stop drinking alcohol altogether, whether as a permanent or temporary measure is the best way.  Imagine how great it will feel to wake up each morning with a clear head, more energy, feeling healthier. This hypnosis for drinking is designed to help you achieve this and break free from alcohol.  Other people can stop drinking alcohol. You can do it too!


The illusion

If you drink often, and you drink too much, giving up alcohol completely will allow you to see it for what it is. Once you successfully stop drinking alcohol and put it out of your life, you will look back and realize that you didn’t even really enjoy it.  Perhaps you will think back on it and see that it was a habit rather than a choice.  You may be surprised how different you feel after breaking this bad habit.  How healthy you feel without alcohol, with more energy and time to do other things. There may be some times when you are tempted to drink, but it gets easier with each day.


Stop Drinking Hypnosis – How Hypnosis for drinking Can Help You

Using hypnosis to stop drinking can help in many ways. Our self hypnosis MP3 download or audio CD can help you take control, believe in yourself and persevere. When you stop drinking, it can be difficult to get to sleep at night, using the bedtime track can really help with this.   If you feel tense or stressed at any time, the hypnosis will help a great deal by relaxing you both physically and mentally. When you listen to the hypnosis, the suggestions in the hypnosis therapy will begin to affect your subconscious mind.  The habit of drinking will be phased out  of your subconscious with hypnotic suggestions. The more you listen to the hypnosis, the better it will work for you.  Use it daily for 3 weeks at least. With continued use, you will find that you keep going day by day free of alcohol and you believe in yourself.  You will no longer feel a desire to drink and you enjoy a feeling of achievement and healthiness because of this.  The post hypnotic suggestions in the hypnosis will help you to maintain this inner strength and freedom.

Our Stop Drinking Hypnosis includes 3 tracks one of which is a bedtime hypnosis meditation to sleep easier. Another track is the daytime hypnosis and there is also a 5 minutes session which is ideal to use if you find yourself tempted.

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This self hypnosis is designed for people who are drinking too much alcohol and want to give it up.  It is not specifically designed for alcoholism.  If you are a heavy drinker or you think you are an alcoholic please consult with your doctor before you stop drinking.

Do not use while driving, operating machinery or doing anything that requires your concentration. If you have a medical condition, such as schizophrenia or a heart condition, certainly check with your physician before use.


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