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Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Do you need to take control, quit smoking and finally be free of it?  Maybe you have tried to give up smoking several times before and found it difficult.  Sometimes those failed attempts to quit can make it hard to try again without an expectation of failure.  Even though you may be worrying about the harm you are doing to your health and finances. This quit smoking hypnosis is designed to help you have that self belief that you can and will break free from this addiction.  Just as other people have stopped smoking you can do it too.


The illusion

Smoking addiction is real, but the love of smoking is an illusion.  Once you successfully quit you will look back and realize all those times you were looking forward to smoking a cigarette it was never for the love if it.  It was because you were trapped by the addiction to nicotine.  You were not choosing to smoke you had to, you needed to.  Imagine how great it will be, to be at that point where you have achieved it and have broken free from the trap of addiction.  Even with hypnosis, there will probably be some difficult cravings to work through in the first few days, but it gets easier with each day.  It is worth it!


Quit Smoking Hypnosis – How Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation Can Help You

Our self hypnosis MP3 download or CD can help you take control, believe in yourself and persevere. Using self hypnosis also helps by relaxing you physically and mentally.  This is very helpful in the first few weeks of quitting smoking because you may feel on edge, stressed and tense.  Once you have relaxed when listening to the hypnosis recording the suggestions in the hypnosis therapy will begin to affect your subconscious mind.  Habits can be changed with hypnotic suggestion and new positive ideas can replace those old negative ones.  The more you listen to it the better it will work for you.  With practice, you will find that you keep going day by day free of smoking, you believe in yourself.  You will no longer feel a desire to smoke and you start to enjoy a feeling of achievement and healthiness because of this.  The post hypnotic suggestions in the hypnosis will help you to maintain this feeling of inner strength and freedom.

Our Stop Smoking Self Hypnosis includes 3 tracks one of which is a bedtime hypnosis meditation to sleep easier. Another track is the daytime hypnosis and there is also a 5 minutes session which is ideal to use if you have having a bad moment.

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