Free Hypnosis MP3s:

The free Anxiety Hypnosis MP3

This Hypnosis MP3 is completely free for you to enjoy.  The "Anxiety Eraser" Hypnosis MP3 is a short hypnosis session lasting about 15 minutes and is designed to give you the opportunity to try hypnosis for free and also to give you an insight into what our products are like. Part of the reason for offering free samples is that it is quite important that you like the voice you are listening to on a product like this, so this gives you the opportunity to try before you buy.  Whilst we believe a full session would be more beneficial, you can certainly get some anxiety relief from using this hypnosis MP3 on a regular basis.  So, add the item below to your basket, we hope you enjoy it. 

Alternatively, if you are interested in the video version, then you can find that on our YouTube channel

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