Where is my download?

When you complete your purchase you are taken to a page with the link or links to the file/s you purchased. If you click these links you can download the files to your computer or laptop and then transfer to other devices as you wish.

If you missed it, or want to download it again, you should find the links in an email after purchase. Sometimes this email goes in spam folders so check in there.  If you want to ensure you receive emails from us then please add our email address to your contacts, it is sales@advancedhypnosis.org.uk

My link expired! Is that all I get?

No. The link is there to download the product you purchased. If you prefer to stream the audio then eventually the link will expire, but all you need to do is let us know your order number and we will happily reset it for you.

I lost the download, do I have to pay for it again to access it?

Definitely not. If you bought a download from us and you lose it, all you need to do is let us know the order number or the titles and your email address and we will set up a replacement link for you to access the files again.

How do I get this audio file on my phone? AND Downloading to iPhone

If it is an android phone then you should be able to plug your device into the computer using the USB cable and then drag and drop the audio files into the folder where you would normally place audio files or music. You should then be able to listen to the recordings on your phone. If you have an iPhone then its a little different, please see the next item for help with that.

Downloading to iPhone

Downloading is slightly different with iPads and iPhones because they are set up not to actually download to the device but to play the file from its current location (called streaming).

To download to ipad or iphone  you will need to either initially download it onto a desktop computer or laptop and then transfer to other devices, or you can download something called “Dropbox” which is a cloud facility designed for ipads and iphones and it is completely free.

How to set up DropBox

So to set it up get your ipad and sit at your desktop computer or laptop as you will need both to set this up. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Apps store on your iPad or phone and search for “dropbox” click the little symbol to download to your phone.
  2. Once installed, click the app and sign up.
  3. It then offers to upload photos – press “skip” top right, when page changes press “connect to a computer” and also agree if you are near a computer.
  4. It asks you now to type in the website on your computer, do this in the address bar
  5. Now point your iPhone (or iPad) at the screen for the camera to pick up the info – get the image in the viewing box, the computer will now download the software installer.
  6. On the computer screen click “save file” and select where to save it (so you can find it easily)
  7. Click on the dropbox installer to get it installing the software.
  8. Once installed click dropbox on your computer to open or click the app on your iPad. Whatever files you add either via iPad/iPhone or on the computer will be mirrored on the other device.So once this is installed the quick and easy way to get mp3s audios on your iPad or iPhone is to download to the computer add into drop box and you will find they are in the dropbox on your iPad or iPhone too.

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