Sport, Music & Performance

Hypnosis Downloads and CDs for Sport, Music & Performance

Sports Hypnosis:

We currently offer several golf hypnosis downloads and CDs, as well as Martial Arts, Snooker and Roller Derby. See the Sports & music section


Hypnosis for Musicians :

If you are a musician and you have problems performing in front of an audience without feeling distracted and uncomfortable, we currently offer two titles to help with that.  See below for more details.

Stop Stage Fright Hypnotherapy CD or MP3 Hypnosis Download


Break a Leg: Improve Performance and Overcome Stage Fright, Hypnotherapy Self Hypnosis MP3

Hypnosis for Performance Confidence

If you have to perform in a professional capacity you want to feel ultra confident.  We have many hypnosis downloads and CDs that can help – here are a few of them:

The Actor: Enhance Your Stage Presence & Confidence, Self hypnosis mp3 download

Public Speaking: Confident, anxiety free public speaking self hypnosis 3 track MP3

Increase Your Confidence Hypnotherapy CD, or Hypnosis download