stop drinking alcohol

Stop Drinking Alcohol Self Hypnosis Download or CD No. 353


Stop Binge Drinking Self Hypnosis Download or CD No. 215

Stop Binge Drinking Self Hypnosis
Stop Eating Sugar

Stop Eating Sugar, Sweet Food Self Hypnosis Download or CD No. 254


Stop Eating Sugar, Sweet Food Self Hypnosis Download or CD No. 254


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Stop Eating Sugar (or eat less) Sugary Foods and Drinks

Stop eating sugar self hypnosis. Do you want to experience the benefits of giving up sugar? Or perhaps just dramatically reduce your sugar intake?  For many of us thinking about how many grams of sugar per day we consume is an alarming thought.  There are many health benefits to giving up or seriously reducing sugar in our diet. Maybe you are trying to lose weight, or perhaps you are concerned about diabetes?  Or maybe you want to give up sugar to improve your health in general.


The benefits of giving up Sugar

It can be difficult to stop eating sugar when you enjoy the taste of sweet sugary drinks and sugary foods.  However, if you want to do it you can do it.  Other people have achieved this and so can you.  Using self hypnosis can help you to shrink your desire for sweet food, help you dramatically reduce the amount of sugar you eat, or even cut it out altogether. There are many benefits of giving up sugar including better skin, weight loss, better energy levels to name a few.

Stop Eating Sugar – How Hypnosis for easing sugar withdrawal can help you

When you use our self hypnosis MP3 download or CD the hypnosis therapy suggestions influence your subconscious mind and change the way you respond to sweet tastes.  The hypnosis can help you to automatically register sweet tastes in a more exaggerated way. They taste too sweet and overpowering.  This can happen to varying degrees, so if you want to use a sweetener instead of sugar in your tea for example, then you can do so.

The more you listen to the hypnosis the more of an effect you will get.  Listen to a track each day for about 3 weeks.  When you get the effect you want, you can reduce how often you use the hypnosis.  Just using it if you start thinking about sugary food. With persistence, you will no longer desire sugary foods or drinks. You can enjoy a feeling of achievement and healthiness because of this. It gradually becomes more achievable to stop eating sugar.

Our Stop Eating Sugar and Sugary Foods Self Hypnosis includes 2 tracks one is the daytime hypnosis and the second track is a bedtime hypnosis meditation to help you sleep easier.

If you have any questions, especially if you have not used hypnotherapy before, then please read the user guide which you can download free at

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